Get the Details on Stump Removal and Grinding

When should you schedule stump removal service in Nice, Ukiah & Clearlake, CA or the vicinity?

You know you should to get rid of a stump when it becomes an eyesore. You should also get rid of one when it makes you trip you or it stops your lawnmower. However, if a stump is out of the way, you might not be sure when to remove it.

In the Nice, Ukiah & Clearlake, CA areas like Ukiah and Lake County, Ace Tree Solutions recommends using our stump removal service when a stump:

  • Shows signs of disease that can spread to healthy trees
  • Becomes home to pests like termites
  • Has roots that block the growth of roots from a nearby tree

We can remove the stump and its roots to protect the health of other trees. Call 707-363-7771 to ask for a free estimate on stump removal service now.

Do you only need to make the stump less visible?

Do you only need to make the stump less visible?

If the stump is not a hazard to your other trees, consider taking advantage of our stump grinding service. This method erases it from the landscape without removing all of its roots. We'll cut down the stump's remnants, grind away what remains and reduce the stump to useful mulch. Reach out to us today to find out more about our stump grinding service. We'll help you decide what method is right for your yard.